January 23, 2010

3 Local Girls attend North Idaho Teen Day albeit reluctantly at first!

A few members of the Beaver Creek Kritters attended the North Idaho Teen Day this weekend. The event was held at the Couer d'Alene Extension office. "A day devoted to helping teens to develop leadership and social skills." The girls attended classes in "ice breakers" where they played many games that got into your "personal bubble" and got you out of you shell so to speak. They learned about generational diversity, and why their parents act the way they do. They had some leadership 101. They gave impromptu speeches. They learned about time management and team work, which involved blind folds! All in all when the event was concluded, our reluctant, shy, Wall Flowers were picked up with grins from ear to ear and one of them asking when the next one would be. Go figure. Once in a while, mama DOES know best, eh??

Teen Day bonding

Payton's personal space has been INVADED (by a boy!!)

a game called "The Keys", look how tangled they are! "I'm in your bubble!"

Isabel looks a little stressed....too close for her comfort.

they had to squeeze each other's hands....yes, even the boys!

See holding hands with boys! (This is the only time I want to see this! :)

The girls, Abigail Nelson, Paytonlee Jackson and Isabel Mitchel, wondering what their mothers got them into, and did they really want to participate...

Everything's better when Paytonlee smiles!

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