March 24, 2010

2010 4-H Beef Weigh-in

We weighed in 43 steers on Saturday, March 20 in the cold shade of the Beef Barn on the Fairgrounds. While it was cold, it was a nice morning and no major problems this year, such as steers breaking free and heading to the airport! And, Nancy did not climb the fences to get out of the way of rampant steers. The adverage weight this year was 772 pounds and no steers came in over the maximum weight of 1050. Of course it helps that we were able to hold the weigh-in on the March date and not have to move it to April because of snow. Thanks to everyone that helped, Alan McNall, Dave Brooks, Dan McNall, Robin McNall, one of the McNall twins (very sorry, STILL can't tell you apart!) and her husband, Mitch Widgren and numerous others that were there to help with rowdy steers and backing trailers.

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