April 5, 2010

Saddle Fitting clinic hosted by Spirit Riders in Spirit Lake.

This past Saturday, I ventured to Spirit Lake to attend a Saddle Fitting Clinic hosted by the Spirit Lake Riders, and presented by Gail and Paul Springer. The Spirit Lake Riders are a new group in Bonner County and young but very enthusiastic. Gail and Paul own a Treeless Saddle distribution.

Do you really know if you saddle fits your horse? What if it doesn't, would he or she really tell you and if he or she did tell you, would you understand what they are saying???? I have been riding for years but no one has ever explained to me how to fit a saddle in terms my meek mind could understand. This clinician did.

She began by explaining about different tree sizes and the fact that most trees cater to Quarter horses (this I realized but since I have an Arab/Frisian most trees don't cater to me!).

She explained how to use a wire rod or wire coat hanger to create a sort of mold of your horses withers making it easier to take with you when you go saddle shopping. She also explained that you should check you saddles on your horse without the blankets to check the fit.

She talked about treeless saddles since that is what they sell but she was not against treed saddles either. After attending this clinic, I went home with information that will hopefully help me to make my wide withered horse happy. It didn't make me too happy to find out the saddle I have been using is too narrow - no wonder she has problems with the canter.

I am hoping to bring Gail and Paul to the 4-H Horse Camp for an informational session for adults - kids seem to be bored by the subject but it is good info for all.

Thank you Kaiya Springer for sending me the pictures.

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